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Blockchain-platform for car maintenance based on UREMONT.COM project

  • Interaction between members of the ecosystem within a single platform
  • Settlements between members via USRV tokens
  • Security and transparency of all transactions
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Uservice is an organized, transparent and efficient platform for the interaction of all participants in the automotive industry.

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The platform brings together car owners, dealerships, insurance companies, car services, and parts distributors. All participants have equal access to market information and specific transactions.

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Process automation, clear and in-depth analytics, and the security of the transactions performed save time and increase the efficiency of business processes for all participants.

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Token usage

The backbone of the ecosystem is the USRV token. Token holders will be able to use it to make all purchases and payments for partner companies within the platform.

Where you can spend the USRV tokens

For car owners

Payment for repairs

Maximum 30% discount on any auto service.

For Car Service Centers

Position in the output

Car service will appear in the top 5 on UREMONT.COM in search results.

For Car Service Centers

Number Purchase

Ability to contact new customer faster than competitors.

For Car Service Centers


Highlighting by color makes the offer more noticeable compared to others.


Artur Terisayan
Founder of UREMONT.COM and Uservice
Karen Movsisyan
Businessman, Founder of 4 Seasons
Joseph Borg
Attorney at Law, Senior Counsel at WH Partners.
Alexander Korotkov
Denis Shelkov
Mstislav Semipyatnov
Svyatozar Semipyatnov
Konyul Iskenderova
Community Manager
Denis Sergeyev
Founder of BESK, 4 ICOs (Bankera and Exchange), blockchain/hash-graph at FinTec
Marianna Sahakyan
Head of VIP Client Comprehensive Insurance Department at RESO

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Our Projects

Service Station Aggregator

The largest aggregator in Eastern Europe, uniting more than 16 thousand car services. About 1 500 requests for repairs are daily registered on the platform.

Broken Car Auction

The largest auction of insurance property sales. Cooperates with 24 largest insurance companies. Sells about 100 cars daily.

Frequent Questions

How do I add a token to Ethwallet?

Instructions for those who bought our tokens, but could not display them in their etherwallet - here's how to do it.

1. Open MEW

2.At the top of the token list, click "" to open the screen for adding your tokens

3.Token Address - 0xf62baa1997f04F165eDD100d78241E07617F6ce6; Token Symbol - USRV; Fraction (decimal places) - 18

4.Click on "Save" button

Who can use the buyback program?

It will be available to those UST token holders who purchased them during the presale: the redemption will take place at the estimated price at which the tokens were originally purchased, with the maximum redemption limit for each of the holders will be the equivalent of $1,000 USD.

Why has the name changed?

The naming correction was directly related to the fact that Terra's pre-existing product with the UST token is our namesake. Due to the collapse of the exchange in late spring, this cryptocurrency lost a lot of its positions. Due to the fact that the short name of our token was exactly the same as the collapsed cryptocurrency UST, for further listing we decided to rename our token to USRV. Now the uniqueness of the USRV token name will allow to initialize it with absolute precision on the exchanges where it is presented, and it will be easier for investors to interact with it on the platforms.

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