Exchange USRV tokens for UREMONT.COM points

Points can be used to pay for repairs at a discount of up to 30% and other services of partner companies within the platform

How to exchange


Enter the phone number from your UREMONT.COM account

If you don't have an account, you can register here.

Enter wallet number and amount

Specify the wallet number from which tokens will be transferred and the amount of tokens to be transferred

Transfer tokens and receive points

Transfer tokens to the number of the purse specified in the e-mail and wait for the crediting of points on the balance in your personal cabinet.

Token exchange

1. Enter the phone number from your UREMONT.COM account

2. Specify email

3. Enter the amount of USRV tokens you want to exchange

4. Enter the number of the wallet from which the tokens will be transferred

Token exchange rate

You can transfer a maximum of 10,000 tokens

Russian ruble
  • US dollar

* Up to 1000 tokens - $0.25 = 1 USRV; Up to 5000 tokens - $0.30 = 1 USRV;

From 5000 tokens - $0.45 = 1 USRV

** at the exchange rate of the Central Bank on the day of charging

Procedure for accruing and using points

  • Bonus points are credited to a personal account within 2-3 days;
  • Bonus points, once added to a personal account, are automatically converted at the rate of 1 bonus point = 1 ruble;
  • The validity of bonus points is not limited;
  • Bonus points may not be sold, cashed, transferred or assigned in any way to any other person or used in any other way;
  • Points can only be canceled if the account is deleted

Where you can spend the USRV tokens

For car owners

Payment for repairs

Maximum 30% discount on any auto service.

For Car Service Centers

Position in the output

Car service will appear in the top 5 on UREMONT.COM in search results.

For Car Service Centers

Number Purchase

Ability to contact new customer faster than competitors.

For Car Service Centers


Highlighting by color makes the offer more noticeable compared to others.

Might be of interest.

Cashback 10%


Check your car by VIN and license plate

Order a report
Cashback 10%

Car Parts

Purchase car parts in just a few clicks

Cashback 30%


Apply for CASCO and MTPL online without losing time

Check out online
30% discount

Car Repair

Repair your car quickly and easily

Create a request